Город Кобе

Российско-японский проект компании Shiawasedo Inc.

Directions of your business development with Japan

About us

Project «Kobe» has an unique history. It starts from March 2003 as the date of creation of our first website pravto.ru.

Our history is a vivid example that ideas and correct points of effort application but not money and companies make the world go round.

In March 2003 we did not set ourselves any ambitious targets, we just came up with an idea and several ways to implement it.

Our sales were so big, that the oldest company on the Japanese car selling market made a joint-venture proposal to us. That was an acknowledgement of our professionalism. That was cool. Japanese partners said: «Join our team. You are in the big league now. Contracts, visas, domestic issues, moving of your families— we will solve every single problem. Let`s make business together».

We joined the team and expanded the geography of our sales from Russia to the whole world, we started to make our business with more than 42 countries all around the world. It was a really strange feeling. «Horizon» became closer and wider. We learned that it was is better to sell big trucks to the South Africa, that there are lots of fans of 200 dollars-price cars in Peru, that Singapore is crazy about sport cars, that Bangladesh worked only under Letter of Credit terms, that Papua preferred old-school Toyota cars, and that in Paramaribo you never know, what they may wish to buy.

Around the same time, we created the company with a mixed capital—Shiawasedo Inc. It took another couple of years and, finally, the whole pravto.ru team gathered. Our company grew bigger. Our personnel is a solid group of international professionals. We are wiser in our decisions. We learned Japanese Gambari-philosophy (Ganbari is Japanese patience and determination, i.e. philosophy of doing one’s best and hanging on patiently). The rhythm of our speech is not so fast as in Moscow, but, in fact, we all are all the same as we were when we launched our business in March, 2003.

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